Permanent Makeup Studio




Microblading  $400  (Manual method - Hairstokes, a more natural look)


"Soft Powder" Brows - $300  (No defined lines. Resembles a soft pencil or shadow)


Ombre Brows- $400  ( Solid, defined eyebrows from light in the bulb to dark in the arch and tail)


HYBRID Brows- $500  (Combination of hairstrokes and powder shading for a defined look)


4-8 week touch up- $100.00  


8 weeks to 11 months touch up - $200.00


1 year  to 2 years touch up - $300.00


After 2 years- Current Price


Classic Eyeliner- $ 500.00   ( Thin, natural line across the upper and lower eyelash line)


Upper Eyeliner- $ 300.00   ( Thin, natural line across the lash line )


Lower Eyeliner- $ 300.00   ( Thin, natural line across the lash line)


Designer Eyeliner- $600   ( Thick eyeliner with a 2 color combination (optional) Color choices include black, brown, grey, white, green, purple and blue)


Full Lip Color- $500


* PLEASE FOLLOW THE PRECARE AND AFTERCARE INSTUCTIONS, AS THEY ARE EXTREMELY  IMPRORTANT TO YOUR HEALED OUTCOME. This includes no blood thining products/ supplements 5 days prior to your appointment and NO caffine/ Nicotine on the day of. If you are taking supplements, please check to see if they have a blood thinning efffect. Ie: Anti Inflamatories, Turmeric, Omega 3's, B12 ect.


*If you are a No Show or Late Cancellation you will be chareged the full procedure amount and  you will be required to pay $100 fee to book another procedure... No Exceptions


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